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  • Good Kitty in a box


    Every thing you need to have the purrfect kitty! this package includes our pussy pops (boric acid suppository), Yoni mask and yoni wash

  • CandiChanel Yoni Mask


    This Yoni mask not only helps with hyper pigmentation lightening the vaginal area. It also helps with moistness and tightening.   Main Ingredient Glucomannan;Lavender ;Chondrus crispus Feature 100% herbal extract Mainly Functions Inhibit the breeding of bacteria Size 10*10*10cm  T film for feminine hygiene yoni film for vaginal whitening T BACK Usage 1. After cleansing,…

  • ***CandiChanel Pussy Pops


    Vaginal Suppositories

    For odorless, tighter & juicier vaginas
    Excellent for constant yeast infections
    Repair cervical erosion
    Be spontaneous with sex
    Enhances love making
    Effects last for about 30 days
    Excellent to use at end of menstrual cycle
    Relief from Herpes outbreaks
    Natural herbal solution
    Good for women who are unable to steam due to being on birth control